What do we offer?

Tart-a-licious is DFW Metroplex’s one of a kind French pastry destination that specializes Gourmet French Desserts. What started with Tarts, has now expanded to other desserts like mousse jars and financiers (and more to come!).

All our offerings are made fresh, from scratch, with real ingredients – and doesn’t use artificial colors, flavors, substitutes or preservatives. Made in small batches, everything is made with a lot of love and passion.

Our desserts are decadent, for moments when nothing but indulgence will do. They are also petite because we believe in “Indulgence, but in small portions” is the secret for delicious happiness! It’s the ideal treat to keep by when the inevitable afternoon sweet tooth rolls around, or for celebrations or gifting.

The Story of Tart-a-licious

In March 2016, Tart-a-licious first set up shop, albeit a temporary one, at Cupertino farmers market in heart of Silicon Valley in California. The morning was cold & wet with a brisk wind sweeping the rain, and there were a lot of butterflies in the stomach of Owner-baker Uma Iyer. This was the first time her tarts were up for sale to a crowd completely unknown to her. She wondered if she will be able to sell a few of her tarts, or will she take it back home to feed her neighbor’s dogs. And sell she did. All the hundred tarts were sold out in less that hundred minutes. And thus, began the journey of our little bakery….

It all started when Uma’s husband gifted an oven for her birthday, a not so subtle hint towards getting all the hours of watching Masterchef Australia into some real tangible action! Soon, baking became a passion and a release from the humdrum of an otherwise “engaging” corporate career. Uma became the default baker for family and friends– baking for occasions big and small – ever ready to put her oven to use. A dear friend gave Uma a break when she asked her to bake a cake for her son’s first birthday where a lot of people (who didn’t feel compelled to compliment Uma on her baking) loved the cake and asked if she did it professionally.

And that is when Uma took the big leap of faith, quit her day job and set out on the journey of becoming a full-time baker. She toyed with multiple ideas, and then one fine summer night while tinkering with a recipe in kitchen she got her answer – Why bake cakes when you can bake tarts? She didn’t find those little French delicacies in neighborhood bakeries, and felt the portion size in most dessert shops catered to an entire family and not a discerning dessert lover. Thus, tart-a-licious was born with a dream of putting unapologetically yummy & petite goodness in hands of dessert lovers in her city! Come join the journey, and take a bite of happiness.