BreadEx: Plus

BreadEx: April ’21

Spring is in the air. The flowers are beginning to bloom, trees are turning green and the kids can’t wait for the Easter bunny to visit them. (Now, it’s a different matter that in Texas it also bring hail/ thunderstorm and warning sirens!).

This month, we are starting the celebrating with Easter and Ramadan and offer breads, cakes & treats from England, Cyprus, Turkey and.. a surprise country! We have some familiar breads like hot cross buns as well as some unique offerings like the Turkish Simit (similar to our bagel, but different..:)). We hope you enjoy this exploration of cultures & festivals with us.

You can choose one of the following two options:

    • BreadEx – This is our standard offering, and it includes 4 gourmet breads + Cake slices delivered to your doorstep. Each bread/loaf is good for 3-4 people while the cake slice is a single serving.

BreadEx Plus – With BreadEx Plus, each week your bread will come with a hand crafted spread, dip or accompaniment to elevate your breakfast experience. Each spread/dip will come in an 8 Oz pack and will be good for 7-8 servings.

All our products – breads, cakes, treats and spreads/dips – are made fresh every week with pure, artisan ingredients and have no preservatives or colors. 

If you are new to BreadEx, the concept is simple. You subscribe for a month, and we deliver breads to your doorsteps every Saturday morning. All breads are hand made in small batches and delivered in a contactless way. Please see our FAQs for more details, or just email us at if you have any questions.

  • For the April ’21 Subscription, we will deliver breads on Apr 3, Apr 10, Apr 17 & Apr 24th.

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