BreadEx: Premium

BreadEx: Jan ’21

Ciao! We are excited to begin this new year with a trip around Italy.

You can choose one of the following two options:

  • BreadEx Basic – This is our classic offering, and it includes 4 gourmet breads delivered to your doorstep. Each bread/loaf is good for 3-4 people.
  • BreadEx Premium – For additional USD8, you could try our premium offering which will have the same Breads as BreadEx Basic but will also include a thick slice of cake of the week.

If you are new to BreadEx, the concept is simple. You subscribe for a month, and we deliver breads to your doorsteps every Saturday morning. All breads are hand made in small batches and delivered in a contactless way. Please see our FAQs for more details, or just email us at if you have any questions.

  • For the Jan ’21 Subscription, we will deliver breads on Jan 23, Jan 30, Feb 6 and Feb 13.

  • Ciabatta Buns (4) + Citrus-Ricotta-Olive Oil Cake

    Week 1

    Delivery: 23 Jan

    Ciabatta means "slipper" in Italian and this slipper shaped bread is both crispy & chewy, with a lovely open texture. Enjoy it as a panini for breakfast/ brunch with a side of strong espresso.
  • Sourdough Focaccia + Chocolate Hazelnut

    Week 2

    Delivery: 30 Jan

    This delicious Italian Olive oil bread makes for a lovely centerpiece at any family feast. The sourdough version takes it a notch higher. Topped with black garlic, rosemary and sea salt and this will very soon be your favorite way to eat your vegetables.
  • Pane Siciliano + Walnut Espresso Cake

    Week 3

    Delivery: 6 Feb

    This bread from Sicily with the sweetness & nutty quality of semolina and the complementary flavor of sesame seed garnish, makes it a crowd favorite.
  • Surprise/ Baker's Choice Bread + Tiramisu

    Week 4

    Delivery: 13 Feb

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