BreadEx October



Important Announcements

**We are opening up BreadEx- October for our new guests. You can now sign up for 3 weeks of bread delivery. Breads from the menu will be delivered at your doorsteps, each Saturday starting on Oct 10th through Oct 31st **

* Order for “bread of the week” will be open from Monday- Wednesday of that week*

Gear up for a unique ride with BreadEx in the month of October! This month we are going to bake black breads from around the world. We are so looking forward to get these gorgeous and flavorful breads in your hands!!!

What is BreadEx?
Your search for fresh, gourmet bread ends right here! BreadEx is your passport to artisanal breads from around the world, delivered right at your doorsteps!

The concept is simple – subscribe for BreadEx for a month, and we will home-deliver breads every Saturday. Each loaf/bread serves 3-4 people, and of course you can choose subscribe for more than one loaf.

If you’d prefer to order every week instead of subscribing for a month, our pre orders for bread of the week will open every Monday and close on Wednesday or until we sell out.

Please see our FAQs for more details, or just email us at if you have any questions.

  • For the October Subscription, we will deliver breads on Oct 10th, Oct 17th, Oct 24th and Oct 31st.

  • Lemon- poppyseed with white chocolate babka

    Week 2

    Delivery: 17 Oct

    Sold out

    This bread is going to change your breakfast and tea forever. One bite and you will be addicted. Contains: Wheat, Olive Oil, Eggs, Milk, salt, yeast, lemon peel, poppyseed, white chocolate
  • Surprise/ Baker's Choice

    Week 3

    Delivery: 24 Oct

    Sold out

    Let us whip something special for you!
  • Black Brioche Doughnuts

    Week 4

    Delivery: 31 Oct

    Sold out

    Let's ring in Halloween in style with these delicious black brioche doughnuts filled with creme legere and topped with strawberries. * Uses activated charcoal Contains: Wheat, yeast, butter, kosher salt, egg yolk, heavy whipping cream, sugar, milk